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Supplier: HCE

Many commercial kitchen ventilation systems operate at 100% for 12 to 18 hours per day. When activated, they evacuate the maximum air kitchens until the end of the last shift, and without regard to the use of cooking appliances.

Smart hoods are designed to vary the exhaust and supply air according to custom, which ensures an annual energy saving of up to 70%.

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Supplier: HCE


  • Filter hood
  • Filter hood with frontal make-up air
  • Non-filtered hood
  • Low profile ceiling hoods


  • Constructed of sturdy stainless steel 18 gauge
  • Available lenth 3 'to 16'
  • Washable baffle filters.
  • All visible welded joints are polished like the original finish.
  • Meets NFPA-96 standards
  • ULC and ETL approved


  • incandescent lights
  • stainless steel filters
  • stainless steel spacer
  • ULC approved collar


  • Centrifugal Upblast

A wide variety of motors are available to meet customer needs.

Sturdy and durable aluminum weatherproof construction.

Wall and roof application.

Very efficient and quiet.


  • Fat collector
  • Switch disconnect
ventilation andré produit make-up air


  • Modular Packaged Unit


  • Runs on natural or propane gas
  • Replaces 100% of the air evacuated through hood
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Prevents the heating and air conditioning of being sucked by hoods
  • Can operate together with any fan of the variable speed hoods to adjust the flow according to the restaurant's needs (rush hour / timeout)
  • Prevents suppression of the piece (strongly negative piece)
  • Facilitates the opening of the doors
  • Prevents engine hoods fan from unnecessary strain
  • Cooks wellbeing
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Quiet system, premium finish, variable system.

Custom installation: Whether for a kitchen island or wall mounting, a full range of personalized solutions are available to you.

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